Maintenance tips

All leather we use in our series, have a standard treatment against aging and stains. Your ruitertassen bag from the classic and leisure series will get a very nice patina after frequent use. This gives a beautiful effect on the leather.

After years of use, the leather can dry out. For this purpose, Ruitertassen developed a maintenance set in collection (see accessories). This includes a transparent leather wax, a brush, and a scratch-free cloth. If the leather is too dry, rub the leather wax with the brush over the entire Ruitertassen bag, make sure that the whole bag is treated, otherwise color differences may occur. Do not put too much wax, apply a minimum amount and rub well on the leather. Afterwards you take away the excess wax and polish the bag with the scratch-free cloth. Treated leather will have a slightly darker color.

For the soft leather Ruitertassen bags, series Soft 77, Sienna and Ultimate, we've created a leather milk that nourishes back the leather so it will be will be smooth and shiny again. Spray a little milk on a soft cloth and rub the whole bag it and let it dry. Best is to spray the milk on the leather to avoid too much product use.

This leather wax and leather milk is not suitable for suede or nubuck. Keep it lederwax and leather milk, out of reach of children. If you need more assistance, please contact us.

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