Leather is a natural product.

To transfer the cowhide into leather there are basically 2 methods: Vegetable tanning or chrome tanning

Ruitertassen uses for his Classic line 100% vegetable tanned cowhides. We use the neck part of the cowhide form West- and North European cows. The tanning from our classic leathers is done with the use of natural products in a Belgian tannery, so it does not harm the environmental. This tanning process makes the leather firmer but soft in use. The unique finishing of this leather makes  the classic bags get their typical Ruitertassen look. The longer you use it, the more beautiful it becomes.

The classic leather has a thickness of 2.6 to 2.8mm and will get a nice patina in use.

For the leisure and soft series we use a semi-vegetable tanned leather. The leather is prepared with chrome tanning and the finished on a natural way. This makes the leather more soft in touch. Also these cowhides have an European origin.

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